Depending on your browser, you might have mouse pointer issues. From what I have read, this is a known bug with Unity's WebGL implementation. My best workaround is to press Escape to bring up the pause menu and click the "Retry" button to restart the game. The mouse should behave normally then

How to Play

This is similar to the original Breakout game. The goal is to keep the ball in play and break the bricks. If the ball goes past the paddle, to the bottom of the screen, you lose. Likewise, if the bricks eventually make their way past the paddle, you lose. There is no end to the game. The goal is to see how high of a score you can get.

There are 4 kinds of bricks.

Red bricks have 3 Hit Points and are worth 1000 points

Yellow bricks have 2 Hit Points and are worth 500 points

Green bricks have 1 Hit Point and are worth 100 points

Purple bricks have 1 Hit Point and are worth 300 points. They also drop an energy recharge when they are destroyed.

There are 4 Skills you can Use

Select a skill to use by using the Q W E R keys on your keyboard. The skill icon at the bottom left of the screen will highlight to show you which skill is currently selected. Once a skill is selected, right-click your mouse to use the skill.

Skills have cooldown times. Their icon will have a Green border when it's available to use and a Red border when they are on cooldown and cannot be used.
Skills require energy to use. Your energy bar is located at the bottom right of the screen. Energy from purple bricks can be grabbed by the paddle to replenish the energy.

You can reach a maximum of 10 levels

Each level up will be indicated by a yellow border around the screen. Every time you level up the bricks will spawn faster. You will hit milestones at level 4, 6, 8, and 10. Milestones increase the numbers of stacks your skills can have.

Skill Stacks

Every skill can reach a maximum of 5 stacks once you reach level 10. Stacks accumulate over time if you have not used the skill. Stacks are indicated by the number at the bottom-right of each skill icon. For every cooldown period that you don't use a skill, that skill will accumulate an extra stack. For example: The Multi-Ball skill has a cooldown time of 5 seconds. If you are level 4 and you go 10 seconds without using Multi-Ball, it will accumulate 2 stacks. Once it has 2 stacks, if you use the skill, it will spawn 2 balls. Note that the more stacks you use, the higher the energy cost of the skill.

Skill Descriptions

Q - Multi-Ball - Spawns extra balls based on how many stacks you have. NOTE: You only lose the game if you miss the main ball

W - Brick Snipe - When this skill is activated, gameplay pauses for 3 seconds and you are allowed to left click on any brick in the game to select it for instant destruction. Once you have your bricks selected, right-click again to instantly destroy the bricks. The more stacks you have, the more bricks you can snipe at once. For example, at 4 stacks, you can select 4 different bricks and destroy them. You can de-select bricks by left-clicking on one that is already chosen.

E - Wrecking Ball - When this skill is activated, the ball becomes unstoppable by bricks. The number of bricks the ball can pass through is dependant on the number of stacks you have when you activate the skill. Example: Activating Wrecking Ball at 3 stacks will make the ball pass through and instantly destroy 3 bricks, regardless of their HP.

R - Stretch Paddle - When this skill is activated, the paddle gets stretched based on the number of stacks available. Example: activating this skill at 3 stacks will make the paddle longer than an activation at 1 stack.

Pause the game by pressing the ESCAPE key

Your highest score should be saved as long as you continue using the same browser.

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